Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sangat menyakitkan ati

guys...have uoll rasa cam sedey sangat...I take a very long time to think either i should write this in my blog or not..but..i've no where to share this feeling..It so hurt to know that somebody we trust...melukakan kiter...but it's a fact..me n u have to accept it...
bukan sekadar kite tapi turut melukakan insan2 disekeliling kiter yang amat kiter sayangi...
tapi Thanks Allah..aku tau Allah menguji..n kiter semua kena tabah dan cekal...
4 oll those stand right beside me..thank u guys...and for my beloved husband....sayang..dont worry it's nothing..just another ujian Allah..sabar n we'll go through it together kay....


  1. Yang .. Adakah luahan hati ni berkisarkan tentang 'story' yg tersurat & tersirat itu kah?

  2. salam there..

    totally understood about 'no where else to share'.. Normally I would turn to my blog as well. But as usual I would delete some of them back. Nevertheless, it feels great to let everything out rather than keeping it to yourself.

    I hope you are doing well since today is 4th May already.

  3. Adida darling...no la
    MY..tq 4 ur consent..i'm getting okay as everyone keep trying to forgive n forget..but the hurt is still there..u know..maybe we can forgive but forgettt??..not as easy as we could imagine...rite??..:-)

  4. you hit the point there.. but somehow.. forgetting is the best way (not easy at all) for us to move on. The hurt feeling will always be there. It won't fade away easily. As for me, I would try not to recall at all .. all those hurt feelings, betrayal just because when it is recalled the angrier, sadder we become..

    Sorry kalau terlebih komen.. Our problem may not be the same. But I presume the feeling more a less the same.. Pardon me, if I get it wrong.


  5. ok jer..really appreciate ur words...tq dear..:-)